The power and flexibility of the Infinity Platform lays a new foundation for image quality advancement, workflow optimization and feature development. The Infinity Platform is dynamic and can expand and or adapt to market demands and technological changes. With the infinity platform, a steady stream of new features and innovations can be developed quickly to ensuring that your investment keeps you at the highest professional level for years to come.

The immediate benefits of the IQ4 Infinity platform provide performance and workflow beyond expectations. Nothing in the Photographic industry including all existing DSLR’s or Medium format solutions compare:

Capture Speed – Operating to XQD card or with USBc capture 150mp at up to 3 frames per second (depending on speed of computer) without ever hitting the buffer.

Dynamic tethering – With Capture One inside, the IQ4 Infinity platform will keep shooting even if the connection cable disconnects during the sequence. The IQ4 Infinity Platform automatically switches to Wireless RAW mode sending RAW files approximately every 7 seconds (depending on speed of computer) while buffering the images to the XQD card. Both Capture One and the IQ4 Infinity platform keep working when a disconnect happens, with no speed interruption to the photographer. Once reconnected, Capture One image download completes transferring files from the buffer in seconds.

Real time Focus Mask, Exposure Warning and Sensor Clipping – With Capture One inside, the IQ4 Infinity Platform provides real time Focus Mask, Exposure and Senor Clipping info. This is real time to the IQ4 LCD, tethered computer or wireless device.

Styles – With Capture One inside, Styles can now be applied in the digital back while capturing.

The 6 cornerstones of the IQ4 Infinity Platform

Capture One Inside

The cutting-edge RAW editing core of Capture One is directly integrated in the Infinity Platform for advanced control of preview and image settings. Capture One Inside brings the capture and post-capture workflows closer together than ever before.

These features are just the beginning:

  • IIQ RAW file “Style” integration
  • JPEG processing in-camera
  • Improved image quality and preview performance
  • Improved Live View, faster frame rates, new tools

Full Frame Medium Format

The infinity platform is only supporting full frame 645 sensor for consistent optical coverage. The full frame 645 Phase One sensors are 1.5x larger than mirrorless medium format allowing for better detail, more dynamic, more color and sharper final results. The infinity platform ensures that when a photographic moment is happening, your chances of getting the shot are the best possible.

Future Proof Tethering options

The Infinity platform updates card downloads without the need of removing the card, allowing power through Ethernet or UBC. Even direct download of RAW files through Wireless is an option.

Wireless tethering can be used to transfer RAW files to Capture One in addition to storing them in-camera. This solution can be used as a backup or as part of a custom workflow.

Ethernet allows for a customized, integrated and dynamic workflow. Capture into or through any Ethernet supported device. In addition, the long cable lengths and power provided via Ethernet (POE) eliminates workflow concerns surrounding battery power or cable length.

USB-C provides a standard port type for convenient tethering on a wide variety of common devices. USB-C also delivers multiple power integration options.

Power Management

The XF power share feature supports changing the battery in the digital back or XF body individually, with no system downtime or workflow interruption, as long as the remaining battery has a charge. The infinity platform adds an extra power boost thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE) and USB-C tethering both of which supply power directly to the camera system. PoE or Power over Ethernet can support an external power bank, significantly boosting battery life on location.

Dual Storage

With both XQD and SD card support, the IQ4 gives you the flexibility to store captured files in a way that suits your workflow – save a backup RAW or process a JPEG to a second storage option, or simply expand your total storage so that you can focus on getting every shot.

XQD facilitates a faster capture and data transfer rate, ensuring that your workflow remains smooth and efficient, even when shooting 16-bit RAW images. The IQ4 is prepared for CFexpress support.

SD facilitates a more flexible workflow with a widely-used card type. You can use the SD storage as a second card to expand your total storage, as a mirrored backup of your primary storage, or as JPEG storage alongside primary RAW capture.


The IQ4 Infinity platform continues the Phase One Open Platform Philosophy, delivering a solution which is both modular and future-proof.   The IQ4 gains tremendous functionality as part of an XF Camera System but can also be used with technical cameras. The IQ4 Infinity Platform is primed for future development in the form of periodic firmware updates aimed at adding functions and improving the experience. We listen to the needs of our photographers to guide our development in creating the best tools for the most demanding photographic situations.


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