INOVATIV is a California based company that designs and manufactures world-class mobile workstations.

Lightweight, compact travel carts, studio-based workstations capable of holding a wide variety of monitors, cinema and broadcast cameras, specialized industrial or scientific equipment. Their products are known for reliability, durability, tool-less assembly. Contact us for more details.


The Last Cart You’ll Ever Need

There is a saying that you can not let yourself be restrained with inadequate equipment. And that is exactly what INOVATIV’s owner and founder Pat Blewett thought when he set out to design an equipment cart. Frustrated with the poor design and quality of the equipment carts available in the marketplace, Blewett set out to build the perfect cart with the help of an experienced fabricator. This first cart was not designed with the idea of starting a company; it was designed to answer a personal need. As Blewett used the finished equipment cart it caught the eye of many in the industry. Word quickly spread and many inquiries were received about its availability, and INOVATIV was born.  We take pride in building the most advanced carts on the market to provide you with: equipment attachment flexibility, ease of travel and protection of your investment.

Voyager EVO X

INOVATIV’s lightweight, travel friendly workstation.

Cart transforms into a self contained rolling travel case only 8.5 inches thick.

  • Payload capacity of 600 lbs
  • Tool-free height adjustable X-Top shelf
  • Premium foot brake system
  • 3 sizes available

Voyager NXT

INOVATIV’s Most Affordable Design

If weight is not a factor for you, but price is top of mind, the Voyager NXT is your choice for a mobile workstation.

  • Payload capacity of 600 lbs.
  • 10 In. Wheels with Steel Hardware
  • 4-Sided NXT Top Shelf
  • 2 sizes available


INOVATIV’s Heavy Duty solution.

Offers the largest working surface in the lineup, highest payload capacity, all without sacrificing portability or stopping power.

  • Payload capacity – 1200 lbs
  • 4 corner mounts allow you to install equipment directly to the Apollo
  • Removable EVO wheels with premium brake system
  • 2 sizes available


INOVATIV’s Most Stable Design.

Designed for studio work with permanent wheels, standard top and bottom locking drawers, and optional hydraulic brake system.

  • Permanently Attached Wheels
  • Comes Standard with Locking Top and Bottom Drawers
  • Patented Tool Free Height Adjustable Shelving System
  • 2 sizes available


INOVATIV’s Most Technical Design.

Designed by a DIT for DITs for anyone who needs a vertical mobile workstation solution.

  • Payload capacity of 600 lbs
  • Foldable side wings double your working surface.
  • 16u x 21.125 In. Internal Rack Mounting Space.


INOVATIV’S modular system centred around a stand.

Each component of Axis Systems is designed to clamp securely to a pole up to 2 inches in diameter.  Set up, pack down, customize, and modulate your workstation based on your specific needs.

  • Customizable and Modular
  • Axis Wheels custom engineered for exceptional stability and mobility.
  • Components designed for a variety of disciplines, including: Camera Operators, Digital Techs, Photographers and more.




INOVATIV’s solution for portable, rugged, and secure digital asset management.

DigiSystems provides a secure hub for all elements needed for a successful shoot on location. Go anywhere. Shoot everything.

  • Combine your laptop and digital accessories onto one platform.
  • Protect, transport, and store your digital equipment with our durable, watertight custom Pelican cases.
  • Cross-platform compatibility – Integrates with Cart Workstations and Axis Systems.

Kits or build your own.


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