Whereas most LED manufacturers use off-the-shelf Fresnels, Fiilex custom designs their Fresnels to work in tandem with the Dense Matrix LED source. Fiilex ensures that every fixture is extremely color-accurate using their exhaustive 192-point color calibration process.

New for 2020

FIILEX MAG 4K – Cinematic High Power LED Light

The MAG 4K First Edition is a fully-dimmable 900W LED hard light with output similar to 4000W of tungsten or 800W of HMI illumination.

The MAG 4K’s adjustable CCT gives it a unique 2-in-1 appeal for a super-bright point-source LED, with no cumbersome gels or alternate fixtures required to change color temperatures on set.

The MAG 4K’s beam can be shaped with various accessories, including PAR reflectors (18°, 27°, and 60°), Leko attachments and softboxes.

  • Functional replacement for 800W HMI
  • High CRI at any color temperature, 95 typical.
  • Smooth dimming down to 0%
  • Tunable CCT (2800-6500K)
  • Flexible accessory attachments: PAR reflectors (18°, 27°, 60°), Source Four Leko adapter, Speed Ring, Barn Doors

FIILEX QUAD 5K Punch Light

The QUAD punch light draws 1360W of power and produces an output greater than a 5K tungsten soft light.

Powerful yet compact, the QUAD combines four Matrix fixtures in one ruggedized frame weighing a total of 75lbs and standing less than 3ft high.

The streamlined fixture includes an integrated power supply, DMX cables, and Fiilex DMX Controller (in addition to XLR5 input/outputs) for easy transportation and control.

This comprehensive design makes it possible for users to take the QUAD on-location to cramped/low-ceiling spaces, or to suspend the fixture from large sets and studios.

  • ~5000W tungsten output (1360W draw)
  • 2800–1000K continuous CCT tuning
  • RGBW Color Modes (HSI, Effects, Gels, etc.)
  • High CRI values at every color temperature
  • Dims to 0% without flicker or color shift
  • Precise color calibration for consistent quality
  • Integrated cable management & power supply
  • DMX control (via included controller or XLR5 input)
  • Compatible with industry standard softboxes
  • Optional Quad Fresnel Lens

Q-Series Cinematic LED

  • Q8 Travel
  • Q8 Junior
  • Q1000
  • Q500

Matrix Series Cinematic Quad-Source LED

  • Matrix II RGBW
  • Matrix II Tunable White
  • Matrix Intelligent Punch Light

P-Series Portable LED

  • P360 Pro Plus
  • P360 Pro
  • P360 Classic
  • P200 colourful LED
  • P180E Tunable ENG


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