Dynalite Dynamic Lighting

Dynalite began in 1971 when Paul Schwartz, an electronic engineer, teamed with photographer Ed Lambert and silent investor John Poremba to create a rugged, dependable and portable electronic flash power pack and heads. Paul designed the original electronics including the non-arching connectors that allow heads to be added or removed from a powered up pack safely. That circuit was so robust that, while it has been updated with modern technology, it remains the basis for every pack Dynalite makes today. While the insides of Dynalite packs and heads have evolved, the control layout has been mostly the same for over three decades. A photographer buying a new pack today knows it will work the same way one that has been in the studio for twenty years or more.

Power Packs & Heads

Lighter Weight means less to carry or ship. Dynalite packs more watts per pound into our power units than any other power pack on the market. Compact Size and smaller footprint, makes for power packs that take up less room in the studio, on location, or in a shipping case. Extended Life of Dyna-Lite power packs insure a longer continuous duty life cycle and more “stamina” than competitive systems. Flexibility and Control built into sensibly priced Dyna-Lite power packs simplify complex lighting set-ups. Abuse Resistant Design through the use of arc proof connectors and switches make Dyna-Lite equipment safe and virtually “assistant proof.” Reliability engineered into every Dyna-Lite power pack, durable and consistent Dyna-Lite Power Packs are the choice of professional photographers and equipment rental houses worldwide. As the pioneer in compact studio and location lighting, Dynalite was the originator of the wide angle “built in reflector” design which offers ease of use with umbrellas. Every Dynalite flash tube is hand mounted in its user replaceable shock absorbing reflector assembly and tested for flash consistency, power output and color temperature accuracy. Optional attachments are available to alter the intensity and shape of the light emitted.

Arena Series

Sports, dance and action photography are comprised of defining peak moments, definitely not the time to have detail lost in the blur. The Dynalite AP1600 is a 1600W/s power pack specially designed for use in sporting arenas. The AP1600 has 3 head outlets and breaks down its output symmetrically or asymmetrically over a 6 stop range with super-short flash durations that top the performance of its predecessor, the AP2000. With a standard flash head such as the MH2015 the flash duration is 1/700 second and with the AH4000 a lightning-fast 1/3200 second. Dynalite has beefed up the AP1600’s capacitors and profile and added a bit of weight to give you a super-fast recycle time of 1.2 seconds at full power.

+ Road Series, RoadMax Series and Studio Series these are call for more info.


Realizing that photographers want powerful, lightweight electronic flash systems Dynalite is proud to continue its legacy of innovation with the new Baja Series flash units. The Baja is light in weight while remaining strong in features including adjustments in one tenth of a stop increments over a six f/stop range (A-6 & B-4) or a seven f/ stop range (B-6), high speed sync, short duration flash and stroboscopic flash modes.

Baja battery powered wireless controlled strobe

  • Baja A6
  • Baja B4
  • Baja BJ


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