Cambo Copy Stands and Lighting

  • The RPS Repro Stand System is an open system.
  • It takes any repro camera with a max. load of 10 kg, and can be combined with any possible light source.
  • Specialized lenses are key to improve quality.
  • Cambo adapters and/or cameras enable you to use the best optics for the job.
  • The vibration resistant motorized column is made from heavy duty anodized aluminum and is the ideal platform for the digitization of flat objects.
  • It features a motorized vertical column with extended movement controls, a geared moveable camera-arm, wall mount options and a sturdy and stable base.
  • The base board’s removable insert can be replaced by an optional LED panel.
  • Our copy stands facilitate absolute parallelity between camera and object.
  • The optional memory function increases efficiency and repeatability when working at extensive archival projects.