• Phase One today announced its’ first IQ4 Infinity Platform enhancement – with powerfully redefined RAW capture functionality and new features that boost the photographer’s creative control.

  • About Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk

    Gemmy is a Dutch artist and now photographer. After she graduated as Goldsmith, she studied Multimedia design. In March 2016, photography changed her life. Attracted to the light, which was used by painters of the golden age. Her great passion for painting and drawing was rediscovered in photography. She uses dark and light contrasts to create depth. Through layering colors and tones she creates soft and gradual transitions. Combined with the love for humans and animals and a strong creative urge, a modern portrait in the light of the past is born. Gemmy, born mid-seventies, a mother of 5 kids, a 100% coffee addict, autodidact, a sensitive and caring artist, with a never-ending creative urge.

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  • About Melanie Gaydos

    Melanie Gaydos is a 30-year-old model living in Seattle who is changing the industry standards in the fashion world. Gaydos was born with Ectodermal dysplasia (ED), the blanket term for a group of closely related conditions. Among the symptoms of ED are the absence or abnormality of hair, teeth, nails, fingers, and irregular skin pigmentation. She began modeling as an art student at Pratt Institute when her professor asked her to pose for a shoot, after falling in love with the self-portraits she drew of herself. ”I knew that I was the only person who looked like me. I was the only person who had my sense of vision and such a unique way of looking at the world”.


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