2" Fresnel Lens

The 2" Fresnel attaches easily to the front of Fiilex lights via magnets, narrowing output and increasing throw by a factor of three to give the illumination a harder, more intense quality. 



Dome Diffuser

The Dome Diffuser offers Fiilex users a simple and effective means of softening the point source of P-Series lights. It uses the same magnetic mounts as the fresnel.




The Fiilex S-Kits are all about maximizing portability. Each kit comes packed into the lightweight Agility Backpack which has plenty of room for additional equipment. With IP-24 weather-resistance, the two included P180E's can maintain their dimmable, color-tunable illumination through rain-or-shine. A variation that adds battery power to the standard kit is also available.



K301 Kit

With the K301 you can condense your standard three-point lighting setup into one travel-friendly rolling case. The kit's three P360s are color-tunable and dimmable, which makes matching ambient light a breeze, and the 15" inch softbox creates an excellent fill. Barndoors, stands, and power supplies are included. 



K303 Kit

The K303 takes all of the contents of the K301 and adds three P2Q converters. The P2Q attaches to the front of the P360, turning it into a powerful spotlight by focusing the beam through a 5" fresnel lens. The P2Q features spot-flood adjustment, and can increase the throw of the P360 by a maximum of 8x.



K416 Kit

This kit includes one of each P-Series light and a wide selection of Fiilex accessories. Try a little bit of everything with the K416!



K152 Kit

The K152 packs the 750W-equivalent Q500-DC into our travel-ready rolling case. The DMX-capable Q500 features color-tunability, hue control, and dimming, all of which can be dialed in using the LCD display. The fixture is weather-resistant and battery-compatible, making it ideal for work on-location.



K154 Kit

This formidable kit contains one Q1000, our most powerful point-source light. The Q1000 boasts the same feature set as the Q500, but doubles the output, making its intensity equivalent to a 1500W tungsten fixture. With the optional 8" Fresnel accessory, the Q1000 can be modified to produce an incredibly bright spotlight.
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