Measurement Instruments

In 2010 basICColor started developing and manufacturing hardware as well. Since demands on quality of softproof systems are ever increasing the monitor instrument plays a key role. None of the affordable instruments in the market could live up to these high expectations. That is why basICColor decided to develop a lab-grade instrument at desktop price. After a very short development period of only 2 years basICColor managed to create an instrument that bears comparison with instruments much more expensive than the basICColor DISCUS

basICColor DISCUS - Professional Grade Colorimeter for Soft Proofing

basICColor DISCUS is a high end colorimeter for exact measurement of monitors, projectors, large format displays, viewing booths, and ambient light. The flat faced device with an anodized aluminum unibody housing is beautifully finished. Because this device uses ultra thin glass filters, the results are highly accurate, long-term stable and reproducable. This is a critical component in producing critical accuracy with soft proofing - with applications in pre-press, photography, design, digital signage, and in video production. The DISCUS offers selection of three measurement modes.

It also supports telephoto measurements of large format displays and projection displays. For this purpose a tripod mount, a measurement angle of 4°, and a laser beam for alignment have been added. As expected, the colorimeter lays flat on all kinds of displays for accurate color sampling, with absolute protection from oblique ambient light interference. As this device has become the industry reference standard, your investment is protected by the guarantee of future support within several software packages.

basICColor DISCUS and basICColor display software have joined to produce an uncompromised team!