Zeutschel + Phase One

Zeutschel has more than five decades of experience providing imaging solutions to the Cultural Heritage community. Many institutions, libraries, and museums have been using their legacy scanning-style systems to digitize their collections.

At last, DTDCH and Zeutschel have teamed up to bring you the Zeutschel ScanStudio, a next-generation instant-capture cultural heritage imaging station, powered by Phase One digital backs and image processing technologies.

Preservation Image Quality

The preservation-grade image quality you expect from a Phase One based capture.
AutoPPI: Automatically moves camera and focuses based on document size.
Available in 50mp and 100mp models. Upgradeable in the field to future resolutions.
Handles material as large as A1+ size to as small as a stamp or small-format film.

Inside the Zeutschel ScanStudio is a 50mp or 100mp Phase One digital back, processed through the legendary Phase One raw processing pipeline, which means you’ll get the same high resolution, 16-bit, color accurate files offered across DTDCH’s product line. The Phase One sensor is 54x40mm, 2.5 times larger than a small-format camera like Canon or Nikon and 5 times larger than sensors used in many low-end digitization systems that claim high resolution.

This means great dynamic range, clean shadows, accurate color, and quality that surpasses the requirements of FADGI 4-star, Metamorfoze, and ISO 19264-1 A Quality.

Modular, Upgradeable

The Zeutschel ScanStudio is eminently upgradeable. The version with a 50mp Phase One digital back can be upgraded to 100mp, and both current models will be upgradeable to future Phase One models. The carriage is also upgradeable for different size platens or for book scanning.

Same Simple Zeutschel Usability

If you’ve used a Zeutschel you know how simple the user interface is. The Omniscan software provides the user a purpose-built ecosystem for digitization.

Omniscan Software

Omniscan Capture Software from Zeutschel is well known in the industry as an All-in-one software for digitization projects with image capture, image editing, indexing, output in various data formats. Omniscan 14 includes compatibility with the ScanStudio allowing for complete control of image capture.

Durable Instant Capture

Legacy Zeutschel systems used an old fashion planetary scan head and a mechanically sweeping light source. Both required movement on every capture, causing wear and tear over time. The ScanStudio uses the modern instant capture method that DTDCH has advocated for a decade. This means only an industrial-strength rotary shutter moves during an exposure, a component which has an expected life of over 4 million captures.

High Resolution ScanStudio Images

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